…And the Study Abroad Adventure Begins

As winter break comes to an end, so do l my lazy mornings, late night YouTube binges, and lack of blogging (oops!). The last week has been spent packing and making more trips to Target than I can count, and now I find myself sitting in the Amsterdam airport awaiting my flight to Copenhagen. After more than 3 weeks of emailing and texting with my host family, I can’t wait to finally meet them in person. The next week is orientation where I will get to know Copenhagen, pick up my textbooks, meet my core course professor, and prepare for the semester to come. I don’t think I have ever been this excited to start school, but I can’t wait to learn about public health in Europe, especially as it pertains to nutrition.

Also, since it is not a proper Lemon Wedge blog post without any mention of food, I want to say kudos to Delta and Sky Chefs for feeding me a decent chicken, edamame, and rice dinner plus some Greek yogurt for breakfast. Definitely some of the best airplane food I have had, and it was fairly healthy. It’s these small things that make a nutrition major happy 😃.

Boarding begins for my flight is just a few minutes so while I would love to rant more about my excitement, I better get in line. I look forward to sharing more of my study abroad experience with you over the next 4 months.

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