Fantastic Food Find + Paleo

Last Friday, I stumbled upon this pretty awesome little restaurant in the Glass Market in Copenhagen. Several glass sheds are filled with little restaurants, food stands, and farmers selling fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish. After walking around for 20 minutes drooling over all of the delicious options, I convinced my friend that we had to eat at a restaurant called Palæo (Paleo).


Inside the Glass Market

Paleo is a diet that consists of foods that could be found during the Paleolithic period (essentially the foods eaten by cavemen). The diet includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and meat and excludes sugar, processed grains, and dairy. While I am not a huge fan of following any specific diet, my mom, who is a true Paleo fanatic, inspired me to give it a try. Plus, after eating bread and pasta for every meal with my host family, I was in need of something different.

It took many questions to figure out what we wanted off of the menu written in Danish, but I decided on a salmon wrap with smoked salmon, guacamole, cabbage, spinach, and pomegranate seeds. The wrap? Since Paleo means no flour, it was wrapped in an omelet! While it wasn’t authentic Danish cuisine in any way it has been one of my favorite meals since I’ve been here!


Like I said before, I am not a huge fan of following any specific diet, I do think the Paleo diet has some good principles. For example, wrapping my sandwich with egg instead of flour adds much more protein to make for a more satisfying meal. It also helps you steer clear of some of the crazy, zillion letter chemicals that can be found in lots of processed foods. Just keep in mind, you don’t have to follow a diet of any kind to be healthy. Using principles of diets like Paleo to guide your eating patterns while still including some sweet treats and bread is a great way to have a well balanced diet.

As for my study abroad adventures, I am currently on a study tour with my core public health class in Western Denmark (Odense and Vejle) until Wednesday visiting various health care institutions across Denmark. Next stop: Brussels, Belgium on Friday with friends. Can’t wait to eat tons of waffles and chocolate!


2 thoughts on “Fantastic Food Find + Paleo

  1. crimsonprose says:

    Though not fanatical about it, I do follow a paleo-diet. That’s how I was able to reverse type 2 diabetes in 9 months. I am no longer insulin resistant. Dr has said, situation resolved. It has helped that, having kicked grains, I discovered myself gluten sensitive. Whoa, don’t want to eat no gluten no more. Severe reactions now. So it’s easy to keep to the paleo. Though I do eat dairy: cheese, milk, yoghurt (full-fat, probiotic). I think my best food find has been chia seeds. Along with flaxseeds they’re the base of my breakfast.

    I like your site. I like the ethos. And the fact you’re qualified in human nutrition. (Though I am, too, it’s at a very low level, and more to do with therapy than dietitian, and I’m far, far out of date on stuff. So how did I manage to slip into diabetes? CFS/ME. I’ll say no more. But that’s gone too. 2014 was one hell of a year!


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