Graduation and Travel Days

I am officially a college graduate! On Sunday, I walked at Case Western’s 2017 commencement and received my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition. That means it is officially summer vacation, but so far I have barely had one minute to sit down. I was up early Monday morning packing up my apartment with my parents and made the drive back home to Michigan. By the time we got home I had exactly 48 hours before my family and I would be on a plane to Peru. The last two days have been filled with unpacking from school, more laundry loads than I can count, and packing again for our trip. I am writing this blog post to pass some time on the second leg of our journey– a 7 hour flight from Atlanta to Lima. I think this is the first time I have flown internationally during the day and had to stay awake on a long flight; so far we are only an hour in and I am not enjoying it. 

Now onto some food related topics. The last time I went on a big trip was almost exactly a year ago when I was studying abroad. Living abroad for almost five months, I kept a pretty tight budget (and so did most of my friends). Instead of eating at restaurants three meals a day, we often packed food for travel days and airplane rides and went to local grocery stores for turkey, hummus, cucumbers, and bread to make sandwiches for lunch. I had gotten so use to traveling this way that instinctively I stood in the kitchen yesterday packing meals for our long day of travel. After realizing that this was a family trip and I didn’t really need to do that, I still went ahead and packed my reusable ziploc bags with food for the day. I figured we would be eating out in Peru for the next 11 days and the food I packed from home would be much healthier (and cheaper) than most things I would find in the airport. 

I wish I would have taken pictures of my little bag meals, but I ate them before I decided I would share them with you…oops! Anyways, I will still share what I packed. For lunch: a whole grain hamburger bun with avocado tuna salad and some string beans. For dinner: a whole grain hamburger bun, mashed avocado, white meat turkey slices, and some lettuce leaves. If you couldn’t tell, we hand some hamburger buns and avocado in the house that needed to be eaten before we left, haha! I also brought an apple, a banana, and some string cheese sticks to have as snacks, but so far I haven’t really needed them. My little bagged meals have kept me pretty full and they were really good! I definitely would pack food like this again for future trips. It is such an easy way to eat healthy and wholesome foods while on the road (or in the air). Plus, I think I enjoyed my homemade meals more than I would have enjoyed the grab and go meals in the airport. 

That is all for now. 

I will hopefully continue to post about some of the health- and food- related finds in Peru, but if you would like to follow our daily journey, check out my Peru blog


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