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Black Bean Burrito
Chickpea Feta Salad
Quinoa Veggie Mix
Scrambled Eggs in a Mug
Tuscan Chicken Skillet
Cinnamon Sugar Apple Chips
Zucchini Pizza Bites
Fruiturkey (Thanksgiving: build a turkey out of fruit)
Banana, Peanut Butter, & Chocolate Ice Cream
Spelt and Seed Bread
Lemon Yogurt Popsicles (My First Blogiversary!)
Peanut Butter Energy Balls
Quinoa Butternut Squash Salad
Thankful for Fruits and Veggies (Thanksgiving: Vegetable Turkey and Fruit Cornucopia)
Bowls (Quinoa, chicken, broccoli, and BBQ)
Lemon Chia Muffins (Second Blogiversary)
Overnight Oats
Tempeh Pizza
Fast meals with (Almost) No Cooking Required (Build a healthy meal in 2 steps)
Golden Milk
Grain Free Lemon Zucchini Bread (3rd Blogiversary)

College (Undergrad)
Adjusting to the Dining Hall
Microwaves, Mini Fridges, and Maid Service (Healthy dorm room snacks)
Scrambled Eggs in a Mug
My First Apartment: Moving Day!
Apple Picking
Nutritionist vs. Dietitian (How to become a RD)
Just because I am a nutrition student doesn’t mean I…
Back to School: Senior Year
Fail to Prepare = Prepare to Fail (preparing healthy food for busy days)
How my Senior Capstone has solidified my decision to be a dietitian (Teaching about nutrition)
Senior Year Update
Summer 2017 Plans
Undergrad Graduation

Dietetic Internship & Grad School
Orientation weeks at the hospital (& Half Marathon)
Whole Grains & Pediatric Outpatient Outreach
The Westside Market (Farmers Market Finds)
Internship Update: Finally Time for Clinical + Dinner bowl recipe
Med-Surg, Outpatient, and Change, Oh My!
Career Confusion (I don’t know what I want to do!)
When you are stuck in a rut…
Cruising to the Finish Line (includes a Plant Based Diet Grocery List)
Last day of Semester 2/3 (and 5 healthy springtime tips)
I’m a Registered Dietitian! (Dietetic Internship reflections)
My 6 Tidbits of Advice for Dietetic Interns
Post-Grad Plans

My Favorite Foods
Justin’s Hazelnut Butter
Black Bean Pasta
Fantastic Food Find + Paleo
Copenhagen Street Food
Avocado Toast
“Real Food” Bars (Snack bars with no chemicals, no preservatives, and no added sugar)
Kodiak Cakes
Chocolate Covered Banana Pops

Nutrition Advice
How Fiber Can Decrease Blood Sugar
How to Make Healthy Choices at Restaurants
Decoding Dietary Fats (Fat intake and CVD risk)
Keeping Snack Portions Under Control
A Sugary Surprise (Sugar isn’t always bad)
What is Healthy?
Meal Planning
Mixing and Matching Food Groups
Eating Seasonally
New Nutrition Facts Label
Say Ta-Ta to Trans Fat (Eliminating trans fat from the food supply)
What I Learned From Losing My Fitbit (Learning to listing to your body)
Drink Your H2O (Importance of drinking water)
Fail to Prepare = Prepare to Fail (preparing healthy food for busy days)
Trying New Foods
Healthy Holiday Tips
The Scoop on Salt (Sea salt vs. other types of salt)
Salads: Healthy or Not?
Diets and Restriction
Diet & Exercise (why they are both important)
Put it on a Plate (Visualizing portion sizes)
Whole Grains
Farmers Markets
Meatless Monday
Breakfast Cereal
SMART Goals (goal setting)
Micros and Macros
Will Power Points (creating a healthy environment)
“Should I be eating dairy?”
Organic vs. Natural
Go Further with Food (Reduce Food Waste)
When you are stuck in a rut…
Coconut Oil
It Isn’t Only About Calories (How stress, sleep, and inflammation affect health)
Top 5 Springtime Tips
Are egg yolks bad for you?
Emotional Eating & Food as Fuel
Back to the Beverage Basics (Choosing a healthy drink)
Artificial Sweeteners: Not so sweet after all
The Official Trans Fat Ban!
5 Tips for a Healthy Summer BBQ
Eggs: What do all the label claims mean?
Nutrition for Bone Health

Diet Experiments
Being Vegetarian
My Experience on Whole30

Eating on the Road
How to Make Healthy Choices at Restaurants
Airport Snacking
Bread for Lunch? (Understanding international dietary patterns)
Graduation and Travel Days (Airport snacks)
Peruvian Cuisine
Is Japanese food healthy? (Defining cultural foods as “good” and “bad”)

Study Abroad (January-May 2016)
Copenhagen, Here I Come! (Acceptance Letter)
Public Health Courses
…And the Study Abroad Adventure Begins
First Week (What is Healthy?)
Fantastic Food Find + Paleo
Vacation Eating and The Hunger Scale (Overeating on Vacation)
Copenhagen Street Food
Bread for Lunch?
Just because I am a nutrition student doesn’t mean I… (Final days in Copenhagen)

Feature Blog Posts
Body Talk Nutrition: Life as a Dietetic Intern…Grueling or Rewarding?

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