Tuscan Chicken Skillet

Yesterday was my first official cooking experience of the new apartment and of course I had to try a new recipe. This time it was a Tuscan Chicken Skillet. It was pretty easy to make, but the best part was that it didn’t use too many dishes, which meant less washing for me. Oh, and it was delicious too!

tuscan chicken pic

The recipe makes about four servings so I put the leftovers into individual containers to make it easy to grab for lunch while I’m out at class. It is also just a good reheated in the microwave as it is fresh.

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One serving of this Tuscan Chicken has just under half of your recommended fiber for the day. It is very low in fat, especially if you use chicken breast as it says in the recipe. Unfortunately, this recipe is a little bit high in sodium because of the diced tomatoes, so when choosing a brand, try to find one that has the lowest sodium content. Although, one serving of the recipe contains about 40% of your sodium allowance for the day*, so as long as your sodium consumption for the rest of the day is not too high, this will not cause any problems.

Because of the high fiber and protein, this is pretty filling to have as a meal on its own, but I like to add some green veggies to the side for some extra nutrients!

Bon appetit!

tuscan chicken recipe

*Based on the safe upper limit of 2,300mg (this is the amount of sodium that research has found one can consume each day without any harmful side effects)

Quinoa Veggie Mix

Rice out, quinoa in. Try this Quinoa Veggie Mix instead of a rice based stir-fry. Before you stop reading and say “I don’t like quinoa”, let me just say that I am not a huge fan of quinoa, and I thought this was delicious! Quinoa packs in lots of protein and fiber to fill you up, so it is a great alternative to nutrient-poor rice.


The vegetables used in this recipe are some of my favorites but feel free to add any other veggies you may like. The first time I made this recipe, I was startled by the amount of veggies it called for. It seemed like I had mounds of vegetables and little quinoa. Turns out the recipe amounts were just right, so don’t hesitate if it seems like you are cutting lots of veggies.

Quinoa Veggie Mix ntrn facts

The approximate* nutrition facts of one serving are shown here for the ingredients on the recipe. The quinoa I used is Village Harvest Premium Whole Grain Quinoa (pictured here). It is very easy and takes about 20 minutes to cook.


If you want this recipe to have a more “fried rice” feel, you can mix in 3-4 tablespoons of soy sauce at the very end.

Quinoa Veggie Mix

*Nutrition facts will change depending on the brand and exact amounts of ingredients used.